Sunday, 5 April 2009


I'm a software engineer with 10 years of commercial experience in various industries: internet marketing (, digital tv (Osmosys), mobile applications (, mobile phone development (Symbian and Nokia). For years I've been a happy employee of corporations - I've been often given exciting tasks such as creating new UI framework that happened to change industry's expectations for good UI (see Osmosys EGG) or optimising graphics performance of newest Nokia platforms. However it was always my dream to become independent technology expert, and as I have been given a chance with Nokia VRP, I'm planning to pursue this dream now.

This blog will be part of the dream. For the beginning, while I'm still on the notice period, I'm planning to publish here some results of my weekend bedroom development experiments. The blog should get up to speed in about three month's time.

I can't forecast what ideas the future will bring to me, however I'd like to focus especially on technologies which I'm using in Nokia now - Symbian S60 platform and Qt framework. As you may already know, Qt is a new asset in Nokia's hands. Given that Nokia is the leading phone manufacturer in the world and Symbian Foundation is going to publish Symbian S60 open source code pretty soon, I believe that very interesting times are coming.